Factory Seconds

Factory Seconds


      In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, reducing waste is the first item in the chain!

      Enter, our factory seconds collection! These are products that are all 100% A-OK formulation-wise, but the packaging has some cosmetic damage. 

      There may be knocks, dents, peeling labels, marks... but we've decided now to keep them as-is and give you guys a bargain instead. 

      Brands don't normally do this because of a few reasons:

      a. It's much cheaper to just fill the product into new packaging rather than make a substantial % loss on the retail price.
      b. Most products are made in commercial factories where they don't have time or need to be worrying about defective packaging. Brands owners will order 5k products and the lab will make a certain amount extra as overage assuming for some wastage. The imperfect products are just sent to landfill.

      So actually it doesn't make business sense for us to do this, but YOLO everyone loves a bargain!

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