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Comfort and care. For all skin and hair.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of bare to full, we make clean products that hydrate skin, soften hair, and eradicate in-growns from head to toe.

We believe in a more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in. That's why we created effective, simple, clean, and inclusive products for places you used to only whisper about and everywhere in between. Welcome to the new era of body care.

All of our super gentle formulas are packed with high quality ingredients to soothe and smooth skin, treat and prevent ingrowns, soften hair, and refine regrowth. And whether you shave, wax, laser, or go au naturale, Fur products play well with any haircare routine.



Keep your skin healthy and ingrown free between waxing sessions, and immediately post-wax to soothe red, irritated skin. With daily use, Fur products will prevent ingrowns, smooth skin, and make regrowth appear finer, as well as cause gentler removal of hair in treatment.



Care for your head, face, underarms, pubic hair, and legs with equal attention. Our natural, lightweight products are effective enough for your face and gentle enough for your pubic hair and skin. Soften hair and clear pores all over your body for healthy, happy skin and hair.



Keep skin completely smooth immediately post shave and soften prickly stubble as it grows back. With daily use of Fur products, but especially Stubble Cream, live blissfully free of in-growns, bumps, and razor burn.

Fur Stubble Cream, Treatment For Ingrowns Sale

Fur Stubble Cream, Treatment For Ingrowns

On sale £29.00
Fur Silk Scrub Body Exfoliator Sale

Fur Silk Scrub Body Exfoliator

On sale £37.00