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Vegan Silk Eye Mask

We love the benefits silk gives to delicate facial skin, so we are pleased to offer you a vegan version that's just as good as the real thing!

Here at NB we are skin and hair obsessed, and friendly with all animals no matter how small and wriggly, so when we couldn't find any vegan silk eye masks we set out to make our own.

Our beautiful crumpled vegan silk eye masks:

  • Are adjustable, with the material covering the elastic
  • Reduce drag and moisture-wicking on your delicate facial skin
  • Keep all the pesky light out from your snooze time
  • Are made from natural fibre so they're breathable and cool
  • Are machine washable on cool settings

    We designed these pillowy eye masks (and pillowcases!) with 100% plant based acetate material. Acetate is soft, silky, cool and breathable and exactly zero silk-worms were boiled alive in the process! Eesh.

    Acetate can sometimes be mixed with silk or wool, but we can confirm these are 100% cellulose acetate and not mixed with anything else.
    The weight is the equivalent of 25 momme silk.

    Adjustable design.
    Machine washable on cold - 30c. Do not tumble dry. 
    Look after your eye mask and it'll look after you.
    Comes in a kraft envelope, sent in plastic-free packaging.


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