About The Founder 

Micaela Nisbet was born and raised on the serene beaches of Australia and New Zealand, where natural oils and herbal remedies were common place.

At 23, Micaela moved to England to pursue her music career, bringing the natural ethos of her homeland to the smoggy streets of London.


By mid-twenties, the touring lifestyle began taking its toll, with the late nights and constant travel making her skin dull and lacklustre.

Keen to regain her Aussie glow, she threw pay checks at mainstream skincare which didn't work, and so began researching and educating herself about the ingredients and benefits behind the INCI list. 

Unable to find good quality facial oils with a voice and price that resonated, Micaela returned to blending her own raw oils and extracts, and the results were immediate.

To complement her home-grown techniques, she took an Advanced Diploma of Organic Skincare Formulation between tours, and founded Neighbourhood Botanicals - originally a range of no-BS top quality natural facial oils for all seasons, with interesting packaging and solid plant-powered results. The range has expanded to where we are today over the years.

Now in her mid-30's and with the touring behind her, the main focus for the line is on keeping up skin hydration and making gentle products that don't irritate or dry the skin... along with a nice mascara, a red lip and a healthy glow you've got all you need to age gracefully!

A life-long perfume devotee, Micaela carefully designs each blends' essential oils to incorporate the therapeutic properties alongside a harmonious base-heart-top note scent profile.

Micaela has synesthesia, a neurological condition where the senses are linked together, and this is inextricably linked with the range, from the colours of products and packaging to the scent and feel of each product.

Combining the skincare and music worlds, the future will also see more collaborations, following the success of both Rejjie Snow and Peaches’ sellout skincare collabs with NB.