After you've finished your product, why not order a refill!? If not, please recycle your packaging.

Here's the lowdown on each product packaging and how it should be recycled.

All of our products use recyclable packaging, though you will have to clean them out and separate the pumps to make sure they are recycled properly.

In order for Face OffThe Body Oil and Acid Washed to be effectively recycled, the plastic bottles must be separated from the pumps, and the pumps (which are made from recyclable PET) must also be broken down into parts. This is easy to do with your hands or pliers.

Our face oils and our lube are housed in recyclable glass bottles. The pipettes from our face oils are also recyclable so long as they are broken into parts. These parts should then be sorted and recycled by material; glass, aluminium and plastic. You can follow the same process when recycling our lube.
Tip: pull the aluminium sleeves off with pliers.
Sunday Morning Dry Shampoo, Hand Model, Dear Diary, and all the Life Merch body care products are all in recyclable aluminium or tin. Simply clean them out and drop them in your recycling bin. 
Your order will be shipped to you in 100% cardboard and paper (also made from recycled sources). This packaging can all be recycled easily of course!

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