About The Brand

NB is formulator-led. All products are completely from the mind and hands of the founder Micaela Nisbet, and we will never just repackage an off-the-shelf (white label) formulation as is the common practice in skincare brands.

We are now using mostly cold-pressed and raw plant oils for maximum nutrients! Subsequently the smell and colour of your oils may have changed a bit. Not in a bad way, on the contrary, we think they've brought so much more life and depth to our blends.



All our formulas are 100% natural, made with ECO-CERT ingredients and of course cruelty free and vegan. We are working through the long and costly process of becoming officially certified with the corresponding bodies.

All products are manufactured and shipped from our own professional lab in Leyton, east London.

Our suppliers are UK-based and source their ingredients direct from farms around the world.


Our packaging is all recyclable. We use glass where possible but it doesn’t make sense for all our products, so we’re always looking for ways to make the plastic we do use more eco. In the future the plastic used in our range will decrease. Most of our plastic is now 100% post-consumer recycled content!

We are working towards a zero-waste refill scheme so encourage customers to keep their empty bottles for now. 

We use compostable and/or recycled packaging and carbon-neutral couriers to dispatch customer orders.

We support a number of charities and causes, including providing crowd-sourced loans for entrepreneurs in developing nations with Lend With Care, and refill bulk product to St Mungo's homeless shelter in East London. 

Early in 2020 we opened our very own professional lab in Leyton, east London!
With this we've been able to scale up production, bring everything in-house, spend more time on formulating new products, and keep lead times short and batches super fresh for our customers.
All the cute packaging is recyclable, the range is vegan and natural, and there’s no animal testing, no big-pharma, no crazy markups, and no unnecessary ingredients.
Just pure skincare rock’n’roll.