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"..the perfect January pick-me-up to instantly improve the look and feel of your skin."

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"Facial Oils are big news, and the choices available just keeps getting better and better."




Young Luv, May '17

"The idea of a rapper moving into the world of wellbeing or skincare isn’t that strange – in 2009 50 Cent announced he was going to launch his own skincare range for men, and a few years later Amuse cover star A$AP Rocky waxed lyrical about his love of Witch Hazel and the importance of daily exfoliation.
Now Dublin-born rapper Rejjie Snow has joined forces with Berlin-based natural skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals to create a one-off facial oil entitled ‘Young Luv’."


Ginger & Aloe


Another Year Wiser, Jan '17

"I am totally excited about this serum. It smells heavenly and is simply ingenious in summer as well as in winter.
I took the serum with me in summer to Bali. During the 24 hour flight I used the serum several times, because it feels so good. With its aromatherapeutic effect, the face serum is also a fabulous aroma therapy during long flights."



Oh My Skin


Dream Dream Dream, Aug '16

"I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now and I’m really loving it. This is a night time oil designed for all skin types. It comes in a cute glass bottle which reminds me of a classic old style perfume and is equipped with a pipette applicator.
I apply it now each night and it leaves my skin glowing, refreshed and well moisturised.


Stella Magazine

Print issue Nov '16




'Stella Loves'




"Neighbourhood Botanicals prove that protecting-against-cold face oils aren't just for girls. This Men's Oil is a hearty dose of clean beauty for your face."



Young Luv, May '17



"Everything about Rejjie Snow is smooth—including his face—so it makes sense that he would team up with Neighbourhood Botanicals on a limited-edition facial oil. Though he’ll claim you’re lying for complimenting his complexion, the 23-year-old artist is sort of the perfect face to represent a product of this nature." 


Garance Doré 

Profile on Georgia Graham, Model and Writer

"I lived in Australia for ages and so I’m hyper aware of sun damage. I like using natural products from brands like Grown Alchemist. I also have an Australian friend in Berlin who makes beautiful botanical face oils called Neighbourhood Botanicals."


Vogue UK

Print issue March '17 - 'Springtime Glow'


I <3 Spa

The Daily Glow and Big Strong Man Moisture, May '17

" skin tone improved after about 3 days. Redness has simply disappeared and the skin feels much smoother with the oil. I shave every day and have the feeling that the skin is less irritated by the oil."