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Young Luv, May '17

"The idea of a rapper moving into the world of wellbeing or skincare isn’t that strange – in 2009 50 Cent announced he was going to launch his own skincare range for men, and a few years later Amuse cover star A$AP Rocky waxed lyrical about his love of Witch Hazel and the importance of daily exfoliation.
Now Dublin-born rapper Rejjie Snow has joined forces with Berlin-based natural skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals to create a one-off facial oil entitled ‘Young Luv’."



Young Luv, May '17



"Everything about Rejjie Snow is smooth—including his face—so it makes sense that he would team up with Neighbourhood Botanicals on a limited-edition facial oil. Though he’ll claim you’re lying for complimenting his complexion, the 23-year-old artist is sort of the perfect face to represent a product of this nature." 


Garance Doré 

Profile on Georgia Graham, Model and Writer

"I lived in Australia for ages and so I’m hyper aware of sun damage. I like using natural products from brands like Grown Alchemist. I also have an Australian friend in Berlin who makes beautiful botanical face oils called Neighbourhood Botanicals."


I <3 Spa

The Daily Glow and Big Strong Man Moisture, May '17

"It's the first time in my life I used a facial oil, and I simply smeared it into my face every evening. I have noticed that it smells great, also, my skin tone improved after about 3 days. Redness has simply disappeared and the skin feels much smoother with the oil. I shave every day and have the feeling that the skin is less irritated by the oil. I'll definitely use it up."


Ginger & Aloe


Another Year Wiser, Jan '17

"I am totally excited about this serum. It smells heavenly and is simply ingenious in summer as well as in winter.
I took the serum with me in summer to Bali. During the 24 hour flight I used the serum several times, because it feels so good. With its aromatherapeutic effect, the face serum is also a fabulous aroma therapy during long flights."



Oh My Skin


Dream Dream Dream, Aug '16

"I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now and I’m really loving it. This is a night time oil designed for all skin types. It comes in a cute glass bottle which reminds me of a classic old style perfume and is equipped with a pipette applicator.
I apply it now each night and it leaves my skin glowing, refreshed and well moisturised.


Vogue UK

Print issue March '17 


Stella Magazine

Print issue Nov '16