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Ceramic and Cork Essential Oil Diffuser 130ml

Here at Neighbourhood Botanicals, our lab always smells amazing from our daily productions - the courier drivers often remark on it!

So it's no surprise that we love using scents in our home too, and a cool mist diffuser is our absolute favourite. In particular, this one!

This ceramic and cork diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. It has some humidification effect so is great for sleeping, and safe for kids rooms. It's completely silent.

It's got a ceramic cover over a cork base.
The middle strip also houses a lamp that shines with an ambient glow that can be set to either off, warm white, or cycled through loads of colours if you’re feeling ravey!

You can choose either continuous mist mode, or 15secs on / 15 secs off to make your scents go further.
On continuous mode it will last about 3.5 hours.

Auto power-off function if it runs out of water, or other abnormal activity such as the electronics overheating or if it topples over.

Dimensions are 105mm diameter, 157mm tall.
Power usage 10.5W/h
UK wall socket power plug with 2m cable.

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