Neighbourhood Botanicals

is a formulator-led independent brand making natural skincare sustainable by design.

All our products are completely from the mind and hands of the founder Micaela.

This differs from the common practice in skincare brands of buying a formula off-the-shelf and designing some flashy packaging to put it in.

All our formulas are made with cold-pressed plant oils and natural ingredients. They’re cruelty free, vegan and manufactured and shipped from our own professional COSMOS approved lab in Leyton, east London.

As a small and nimble company, we put sustainability at the core of all our decisions. We pledge to be as environmentally responsible and ethical as possible within our limited framework.

About The Founder

Micaela Nisbet is a touring live sound engineer who tired of the hectic lifestyle on the road and retrained in skincare. Now she ‘engineers’ natural skincare instead.

Micaela was born and raised on the serene beaches of Australia and New Zealand, where natural oils and herbal remedies were common place. After moving to London to pursue her music career, by her mid-twenties the touring lifestyle of late nights, partying and constant travel made her skin dull and lacklustre.

Keen to regain the sunny glow, Micaela began researching and educating herself about the ingredients and benefits behind the products she coveted. She began blending her own face oils using cold-pressed plant oils and selective essential oils and the results were

To complement her home-grown techniques, she studied
Organic Skincare Formulation between tours, and founded Neighbourhood Botanicals as a creative outlet side hustle. The brand has grown organically as the range has expanded over the years.

Micaela still still dips her toe in the touring world, just to spice things up.

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