Refill with our compostable refill pouches

Keep the bottle, get the product only!
UK only currently.


      We have partnered with new sustainable startup On Repeat, to offer refills in compostable packaging.

      Refills are currently only available in the UK.

      On Repeat is actually another company co-founded by our founder, Micaela, as a solution to the help further the whole beauty industry.

      When thinking how best to offer refills, Micaela day-dreamt of sending her customers product in packaging that would magically disappear. Just the product, not all the rest.

      After being unable to find legitimately sustainable refill packaging for her own brand and seeing the greenwashing that fills the refill space, Micaela designed a simple concept that she thought would work, and with it opened a whole can of worms.

      As a brand owner herself, she understands the importance of brands maintaining authenticity, and that anything to do with the hot topic of ‘sustainability’ is met with scrutiny. So we have done our due diligence to make sure our materials work and do not just make the waste problem worse, like many other refill options.

      On Repeat is born, a solution to further our whole industry, to enable brands to come together in a united effort to reduce plastic waste and minimise our impact on the earth.

      Instructions for use are found on the refill itself, and by visiting