We make natural skincare sustainable by design.
Compostable refills, carbon negative, formulated and produced by us in east London.

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I discovered Neighbourhood Botanicals eighteen months ago and have not looked back.
I love everything about this company; the products, the ethos, the authenticity. My skin has never looked better.

Dream Dream Dream Night Oil

All I can say is WOW. A small, independent company trailblazing and showing all the others how it’s done. For their clean beauty and carbon negative rating but on top of that their products actually work, exceeding expectations!

Mild Mannered Facial Lotion

This makes my skin feel happy!! So moisturised but not greasy. I was terrified by the refill but it was super easy to use. I can't imagine not having this as part of my routine.

Simmer Down Serum

Perfect for reducing inflammation and spots around my neck and chin. I am on my second bottle and the refill is ingenious and eco friendly too!
I had a night off to try a different product and my skin flared up again- testament to how great this is!

Simmer Down Serum

The smell is just as beautiful as I remembered and it's so good to have so little packaging to dispose of - and it's now feeing the worms in my composter. Cannot recommend either the oil or the refill highly enough.

Dream Dream Dream Night Oil

Our Values

Buy less, buy better.

We keep sustainability in mind with everything we do, from our lab supplies to our new products design.

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