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What Is Clean, Slow Beauty?

To us, clean beauty means products bursting at the seams with vitamins and active botanicals.

Slow beauty means to have thought and care poured into every part of the process, from sourcing, to formulating, to packaging and getting it to your vanity.

You can be sure your product has been formulated with the optimum concentrations of botanicals, rather than a drop only for label appeal. 

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As well as being independently-female owned, we are doing more and more all the time to make our company more sustainable in all aspects of the word. We believe responsible consumerism is the only way forward! 

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Plant powered products to feed your skin

Neighbourhood Botanicals is formulator and founder-led. A total rarity in the beauty world! 

Our founder started as a live sound engineer, touring the world with popstars... how did the jump to beauty happen?

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