Neighbourhood Botanicals is formulator-led.

All products are completely from the mind and hands of the founder Micaela Nisbet and her trusty lab techs. We will never just repackage an off-the-shelf (white label) formulation as is the common practice in skincare brands. All our formulas are made by us using cold-pressed oils and natural ingredients. All products are manufactured and shipped from our own COSMOS-approved professional lab in Leyton, East London, U.K.


In January 2021 we finished our extensive company audit and became carbon-negative, climate positive, leading the charge in this respect. You can find the full details on this page.
We offer biodegradable refills on our bestsellers. We protect 5 trees with every order on our online store, because protecting old growth sequesters much more carbon than planting new trees.


Our oils are 90% cold-pressed and raw, extracted without solvents. Using cold-pressed oils allows the ingredients to retain maximum nutrients from the plants and also contributes to each products unique scent. Our main ingredients supplier is a UK-based family run company who send us everything in recycled jerry cans and source their raw ingredients direct from the farmers around the world. Many of our products are certified with The Vegan Society and COSMOS Natural. B-Corp application in progress.


We weigh up a lot of factors when choosing packaging. There is no silver bullet, so that’s why our founder Micaela has been working on a side hustle company for the last 2+ years, making a biodegradable refill packaging solution for Neighbourhood and other brands. Refilling is the ultimate eco option. Check out more at and purchase refills on the Neighbourhood website.

We use glass, aluminium and 100% PCR plastic (from post consumer recycled waste) bottles when plastic is required. Our plastic products are refillable and still recyclable.

Our imperfect products or any damages get saved up and sold in half price ‘Factory Seconds’ drops a few times a year. Our customers love this incentive and it saves us waste.


We’re female owned and operated, and very much a boot-strapped indie brand growing organically. We are a small and nimble team with flexible working arrangements. We are a Living Wage Employer. We use some of our profits to provide crowd-sourced loans for entrepreneurs in developing nations with Lend With Care. We believe in responsible consumption and production throughout our whole practice. B-Corp application in progress.