Our Partnership with Provenance

See how we’re connecting what we say to the evidence from our supply chain. Trustworthy sustainability claims will help make the beauty industry a force for good.

Ethics, ingredients and sustainability have been a no-brainer to me since I started this brand in 2016. 

Now, Neighbourhood Botanicals is taking things to the next level by partnering with future-defining transparency tech solution, Provenance.
When it comes to ‘green’ claims, no brand should mark their own homework. Provenance unlocks the truth about products’ impact on people and the planet so that you can make responsible choices when you shop. 

Powered by blockchain and open data, Provenance brings together all the need-to-know ethical stories on each of our products in accessible, clear, and comprehensible Proof Points. 

Using these Proof Points, Provenance connects brand claims on social and environmental impact (like whether a product is Vegan, Certified Organic or uses Widely Recyclable Packaging) to supply chain data and third-party proof.
So you'll know which claims are backed up (and how).

Each Proof Point is a part of the Provenance Framework (a rulebook of 50+ impact claims spanning Climate, Waste, Nature, Workers and Community).
These claims are designed to be as clear as possible, so that you can easily understand the impact of your purchases at a glance.
Just click on the Provenance-powered cards on our product pages to learn more about these choices and what they mean for the planet. By sharing the facts about how our products are made, we hope to empower you to shop responsibly.

Bestselling reparative nightly serum, rich in rosehip oil and vitamins A, C and E.

Natural oil cleanser with castor oil and avocado for instantly soft skin without dryness.

Light, ultra hydrating daily face lotion with aloe, glycerin, comfrey and panthenol.

Potent thin anti-bacterial serum to calm and restore balance to problem skin.

Daily care for dry or mature faces. Softens, strengthens and calms inflammation.