Why use oils?

Botanical plant oils make a great addition to your daily skincare regime. They’re brilliant moisturisers packed with nutrients, great for all skin types. They do wonders for your skin cell health, and control the levels of sebum your skin produces, so you'll have a sheen not a shine. With steady use you’ll notice a marked improvement in texture and tone! In addition to a good routine they can really bring your sparkle back.

But I have greasy skin...

Many people are wary about putting oils on their face, especially those who suffer from acne and have long been using products labelled ‘oil-free’. 
In fact, keeping the oil production of our skin balanced and PH levels steady is essential for facial skin health.
Oils supply your skin the moisture and nutrients it craves, so it stops over-producing sebum in the effort to moisturise itself (sebum in over-supply is 'greasiness').

What is the shelf life?

12 months from opening. If you're doing 3-4 drops per day then you should finish the bottle in 3 months anyway. You'll smell a strong peanut/dust scent if your oil goes rancid. If this happens it's not dangerous, but it's not very pleasant either. To prevent rancidity, keep your oil closed between uses and keep out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below (some people like to refrigerate their face oil for an extra fresh hit!)

Are they fragranced?

Only naturally! There is no 'parfum' in the blends. Parfum or fragrance in mainstream skincare is generally what makes sensitive skin irritated. We take pride in our layered essential oil blends, giving each oil not only a distinctive scent, but more importantly a mix of active aromatherapy benefits for the body and the mind.
This scent lasts about 20 minutes, as it starts to evaporate on contact with the heat of the skin. Just enough time to get into your head but not conflict with your perfume. The essential oils generally only make up 1% of the blend, and all are well within IFRA standards. The citrus oils used are not photo-sensitising when used in these small amounts. 

Can everyone use them?

Yep! They're all designed with non-irritant and non-comedogenic ingredients. They're all plant-based... there's a bunch of different flora in each bottle! Because there's no nasty chemicals present, they're safe for smooching your babies and pets too.
Botanical oils are super beneficial for all types of skin. Some blends are aimed at different types of skin, see the product pages for more info.

Do your products contain any nut oils or gluten?

Yes, there are some tree-nut and wheat oils in our blends. Because of the processing that extracted nut and wheat oils go through, they typically do not irritate people with allergies. However, please read the ingredients through and consult your doctor first if you have a strong allergy.