Years in the making!


Soft Wash is a unique, refillable powder-to-gel ‘all over wash’ made from naturally derived ingredients, coconut-based cleansers, essential oils and softening pro-vitamin B5.

We've done over a hundred versions getting the exact texture, foaming power, softness, wash-off and scent JUST RIGHT.

Soft Wash has been cleverly formulated so the addition of boiled tap water transforms a sachet of powder into a bottle of liquid gel wash in minutes.

Our proprietary formulation is gentle and effective with a skin-friendly pH that’s suitable for your hands, body, face, kids and even pets, allowing you to minimise your bathroom products.

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Step 1

Boil your kettle. Use regular tap water. Empty the entire powdered contents of one Soft Wash sachet into your frosted glass Forever Bottle.

Step 2

Pour the hot, freshly boiled water slowly into your Forever Bottle, right up to the neck.
Stir (don’t shake!) steadily for 2 minutes using a fork.

Step 3

Let it stand with the pump screwed on. When it’s cooled down enough your Soft Wash is ready for use. The gel will continue to thicken and any remaining lumps dissolve within a day.

3 amazing essential oil based scents

Soft Wash has been formulated with ingredients to soften hard tap water, stabilise the pH and safely preserve your finished product for 24 months after making.

Palm oil free, SLS free and vegan. Better for you and better for the planet.

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